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The Tree House Project

Garvan, a division of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, announces its Tree House within the Evans Children’s Adventure Garden. The Tree House will float in a small group of pines and oaks, bending easily between them. The theme of dendrology, the study of trees and wooded plants, will drive both the form and program of the structure, designed by Fayetteville-based architects modus studios. Natural materials are paramount, with metal and glass included where appropriate. Verticality, transparency and lightness are also important characteristics of the architecture in the Gardens. The Tree House’s wooden screen follows this design theme by creating varying levels of transparency that allow parents to monitor their kids during play without detracting from the mystery and adventure of the structure.

The Tree House has been carefully designed to teach children about nature through interactive exhibits and structures. Interpretive elements, choreographed by 3frommedesign, enable children to learn and explore by stimulation of their imaginations, rather than through plaques and pictures. The structure will stand as an educational tool in its own right and, by engaging with the built form, children will be guided to understand the elements of the woodlands from multiple perspectives. Learning will be fun, as kids are encouraged to move and explore throughout the site.

Here's a great video of the Venatian Screen in production at modus studios: