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Millsap Bride’s Hall

Flanking the Anthony Chapel to the west is the wood and stone Millsap Bride’s Hall, which serves as a dressing area for the bride and her attendants, as well as musical groups awaiting a chapel performance.

In addition, the bride’s hall contains gathering space ideal for small receptions, banquets or meetings. The large stone fireplace makes the room especially inviting during the crisp autumn and winter days.  

A small kitchen, located in the west wing, allows caterers ample work space and cooking equipment when preparing for functions located within the Anthony Chapel Complex.

Construction of the bride’s hall was made possible by a generous gift from long-time supporters of Garvan Woodland Gardens and Hot Springs residents Leon and Bettye Millsap.  The philanthropic couple also provided funds to build the unique, curved canopy bridge that also bears their names and is located on the north side of the main garden.