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Dierks Promenade

Based on a time-honored European tradition, the promenade serves as not only a graceful transition from the Pratt Welcome Center to the Ellen Edmondson Great Lawn and west gardens, but also as a wonderful place to meet friends or enjoy an outdoor event featuring vendors or educational displays. Highlighted by a rustic stone and concrete walk that is paralleled for most of its length by seat walls and large boulders, the north half of the Dierks Promenade is perfect for sitting to visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the Gardens. On the south, it is bounded by overlooks into the bonsai and Asian gardens and features a cut stone walk that sets the stage perfectly for the beautiful stonework in the Garden of the Pine Wind and the Weyerhaeuser Bonsai garden.

A favorite location for wedding receptions, garden events, and plant shows, the Dierks Promenade truly lives up to its historical namesakes, Frederick M. and Louise Dierks, as a place to be and be seen.