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Garden of the Pine Wind

The Garden of the Pine Wind is a four-acre, majestic rock and stream garden. Voted the 5th best Asian garden in North America in 2012 by the Journal of Japanese Gardening, it offers a quiet place for contemplation and meditation. Approximately 300 varieties of Asian ornamental plants can be viewed here – including 60 types of Japanese and other Asian maples and Oriental dogwoods. In springtime, more than 40 giant-flowered tree peonies and hundreds of azaleas complement the maple collection’s attractive foliage.
David Slawson, a nationally recognized expert in Asian Art and garden design, used regional landscapes and the scenic ravines of the garden site as his inspiration for this spectacular garden.  Key features include the Sunrise Bridge, based on Japanese precedents and named by the mayor of Hot Springs’ Sister City, Hanamaki, Japan; the picturesque Joy Manning Scott Bridge of the Full Moon, inspired by rustic bridges of China; three major cascades; a 12-foot waterfall; two springs; four pools; and a half-acre koi pond.