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Paul W. & Valerie Klipsch Amphitheater

With flagstone seating for 500, the open-air Paul W. & Valerie Klipsch Amphitheater provides a lovely venue for outdoor events such as concerts, plays, and other entertainment features. Nestled in a natural depression surrounded by 80-foot pines, oaks, and hickories, the amphitheater offers a restful and inspiring place to take in outstanding performances or simply soak in the beauty of a mature Southern forest.

The masterfully sculpted outdoor theater was made possible by a donation from Valerie Klipsch, widow of internationally acclaimed sound engineer Paul W. Klipsch, who is recognized for setting  the “gold standard” in audio technology and changing the way the world heard recorded music with his revolutionary loudspeaker design, the Klipschorn.  His company, Klipsch and Associates, was founded in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.