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Bird Guide

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a natural setting for bird lovers and bird seekers to see many of the native bird species to be found in Arkansas. While walking the trails at Garvan, you may see many of the 128 species of birds that have been documented in the Gardens by the Garland County Audubon Society and the Hot Springs Village Audubon Society.

Our location on Lake Hamilton provides a sanctuary for many species of woodland birds as well as waterfowl. Take a hike on the more remote 1 mile Hixson Preserve Nature Trail loop for a chance to spot many of these varieties. You might even see a Bald Eagle or Osprey soaring over the lake in late winter and early spring, as they are quite common during the winter months. Spring migration also offers a chance to see many species of migrating waterfowl and woodland birds such as the Cedar Waxwing, which frequent the grounds while traveling through the state in search of food.

A few tips for bird watchers:
  • Visit early or late in the day for best chance to see birds
  • Use binoculars to spot birds at greater distances
  • Be patient and move slowly and quietly while looking for birds
  • Be knowledgeable about seasonal bird species as well as year-round natives

Online Bird Identification Links: