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Welcome to the Gardens!

NOTICE TO VISITORS: A large portion of the Garden of the Pine Wind (the four-acre rock and stream Japanese garden within Garvan Woodland Gardens) will be closed throughout Spring 2016 due to construction on streams and trails to improve drainage issues, improve various pathways and add a new overlook above the Koi Pond and boardwalk below the Koi Pond. Due to public safety issues, access in this area of the Gardens will be limited. Please call 800-366-4664/501-262-9300 if you have questions about which areas will most likely be closed on the date of your visit. We apologize for any inconvenience to our members and visitors.

Welcome to Garvan Woodland Gardens, the botanical garden of the University of Arkansas. Nestled in the picturesque Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas, the Gardens are a wonderful gift to all people from local industrialist and philanthropist Verna Cook Garvan.

Garvan Woodland Gardens is an example of The Natural State at its best: a canopy of pines reaching skyward providing protection for delicate flora and fauna, gentle lapping waves that unfold along the 4 ½ miles of wooded shoreline, and rocky inclines that remind us of the surrounding Ouachita Mountains.

Garvan Woodland Gardens' mission is to preserve and enhance a unique part of the Ouachita environment; provide people with a place of learning, research, cultural enrichment, and serenity; develop and sustain gardens, landscapes, and structures of exceptional aesthetics, design, and construction; and partner with and serve communities of which the Gardens is a part.

From the dynamic architectural structures to the majestic botanical landscapes, Garvan Woodland Gardens offers breathtaking sights (and fantastic photo opportunities) at every turn.